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Saturday October 21, 2023



Saturday Pocket Schedule - Click here to view a pocket schedule.

Saturday Schedule - TENTATIVE

(1hr duration – 6.5 hours before kick-off) 5:30-6:30am – If you did not pick up your packet on Friday and you are to receive a Tan Lot pass, please pick up your parking pass outside of the Tan Lot (Willowdale Garage) - the parking garage off of Willowdale Drive. 

(1hr duration – 5 hours 45 minutes before kick-off) 6:15-7:15am  Pick up your registration packet at the Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) directly behind Mountaineer Field, if you did not pick your packet on Friday at the CAC. Those who’ve not checked in by 7:15am will not be allowed to march. No exceptions! 

  • IPF – You can drop off cases and personal belongings (including clear bags and change of clothes) at the IPF. A security guard will be on duty all day. Enter the door at the front corner entrance and head to the very back of the building.
  • Light breakfast will be available.
  • Tickets must be claimed by 9am or they will be redistributed.

If you have a pre-teen/teen with you as your guest, please let us know ASAP at info@wvualumniband.org. You must also stop at the registration table in the IPF for updated information on Saturday morning.

(1hr duration – 5 hours 45 minutes before kick-off) 6:15-7:15am  The equipment will be available inside the IPF. Don't be late; volunteers please arrive on time. Rental area will close at exactly 7:15am. Be sure to bring your $50 deposit and completed rental form if you did not get your rental at the parade Friday (Checks only please! Checks will be returned to you when the rental is turned back over to John.).

(1.5hr duration – 5 hours before kick-off) 7:00-8:30am – FIELD REHEARSAL WITH THE PRIDE - Only those registered to march pre-game will be allowed to enter the facility for practice. You must have your wristband and personal ticket/ticket lanyard for entry. You must enter through the Press Box tunnel. No exceptions!

On-field marching and music rehearsal with drill. Don’t be late and be prepared for a fast-paced rehearsal; those who’ve not checked in by 7:15am will not be allowed to march.  

(30-minute duration – 3.5 hours before kick-off) 8:30-9:00am – Everyone is encouraged to return to the IPF for a brief meeting with the Officers, Board of Directors, and members for award presentations; singing of the Alma Mater; and last minute announcements about the day's events before breaking prior to pre-game. Unclaimed tickets will be redistributed at this time. You are welcome to stay for a light brunch and visit with friends and members of The Pride. 

(1 hour 30 minutes before kick-off) 10:30am – Depart the IPF for Law School Hill. Warm-up and prepare for parade block. Members will be checked for wristbands and personal ticket/ticket lanyards.

(1 hour before kick-off) 11:00am-11:15am Those choosing not to go to Law School Hill - Pregame stadium entry at the press box side tunnel only. No exceptions! Don’t be late or you will not get in! Arrive at 11:15am or later, you will be sent to your seat and you won’t get to march. Must have your personal ticket/ticket lanyard and wristband to enter. This is by order of WVU Athletics.

(50 minutes before kick-off) 11:10am – Step off in parade block at Law School Hill to head to the tunnels

(30 minutes before kick-off) 11:30am Band staged in tunnels for Pregame

(21 minutes before kick-off) 11:39am Combined Pregame Show with The Pride

Post-Performance - After performing we will leave the field immediately out the press box side tunnel only. No exceptions! By order of WVU Athletics – We need to leave immediately. Any person not going towards the tunnel will be directed that way by Alumni Band Officers, Board Members, or WVU Security. Please do not go any other way to get off the field. 

You may drop your instrument/equipment at the IPF or if sitting with the Alumni Band, you may bring your instrument with you to play in the stands during the game.

All rental equipment must be returned to the equipment truck, behind the IPF within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the game. If you plan to leave the game early, please notify John by email/text (JohnSinsel@wvualumniband.org/304-288-0583) prior to homecoming, if possible, so that your instrument can be taken back to the IPF.

Remember, the alcohol policy applies to all facilities we enter during game day. You are representing the WVU Alumni Band and our actions will determine if we get to spend the day with The Pride in the future. Have a good time but please be responsible.

Attire Guidelines Please wear a gold WVU Alumni Band shirt and dark blue pants/dark blue jeans. If you do not have an Alumni Band shirt, a gold WVU shirt is acceptable. Please be sure shirts are family friendly for TV. Please choose comfortable shoes for marching pregame. If you wish to wear a ball cap, please wear a WVU themed hat.  

Music - Music can be downloaded and printed from the website. Please log-in with your username and password at www.wvualumniband.org. Go to the list of tabs on the left side of the page and find your section tab. Music is located in your instrument/section tab.  Percussionists, please note we do have written parts for your section this year.  YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING MUSIC THIS YEAR:

  1. Fight Mountaineers
  2. Mountain Dew
  3. Simple Gifts
  4. National Anthem
  5. Alma Mater (we may sing this), and
  6. Country Roads
  7. Hail, West Virginia

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