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No Online Payments - Pay by Check

01 Jul 2013 10:14 PM | Sarah Bennett

There will be no online payment system for dues or 2013 Homecoming. Dues for 2013-2014 are $17.00.  Homecoming online registration will be available on or about August 20th.  

All payments must be paid by check to WVU Alumni Band and mailed to the following address:

WVU Alumni Band

PO Box 1028

Dellslow, WV 26531-1028


  • 15 Jul 2013 9:11 AM | Ann Custer Mayle
    Will the homecoming information be mailed to members, or only posted on this site? I don't want to miss the deadlines. (Have to leave a few extra days to get the check to you.) Thanks.
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    • 18 Jul 2013 4:23 PM | Sarah Bennett
      Information will only be emailed and on this site. We do not mail packets anymore.
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  • 21 Jul 2013 1:45 AM | Paul Sammons
    Can we just go ahead and mail a check for HC now?
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    • 22 Jul 2013 8:40 AM | Sarah Bennett
      Paul, payments and details about 2013 Homecoming have not been finalized with WVU at this time. You can expect information and online registration to open for homecoming on or about August 20th.
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      • 24 Jul 2013 1:46 AM | Paul Sammons
        Dear Sarah,
        ...and I do understand how hard you are working on our behalf, as I hope all of our folks do.

        Is there any way I can pre-pay? Say a check for $100? If that's more than needed, I have no problem w/that, slap it in the Alum Band fund. I'm coming from AZ and have air travel, car rental, & lodging aced...for months. It would be nice to know that the end 'game' is on as well.
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  • 21 Jul 2013 9:01 PM | bethany dugan
    And how do we determine how much to send when there is no info about HC posted yet?
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    • 22 Jul 2013 8:44 AM | Sarah Bennett
      Bethany, as in past years, details about homecoming will be released in August (on or about August 20th of this year). The original post was to alert everyone that on-line payments were not being accepted so that you knew in advance that again this year, payment by mail must be made. Sorry for the confusion.

      When you log into your account and renew your membership, it tells you that dues are $17.00 for the 2013-2014 year.

      Let me know if you have any questions.
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      • 11 Aug 2013 3:43 PM | Chuck Huber
        So dues renewal are by check only as well? That's the way that I'm reading this, but just want to confirm.
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  • 21 Aug 2013 8:58 AM | Lori Friedline
    If someone could update the FB page about registration opening as well, that would be helpful.
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    • 08 Sep 2013 12:52 AM | Sarah Bennett
      Hi Lori. We had a soft launch for the first day before the mass email went out about registration being open. That is why we didn't post information immediately on Facebook.
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  • 22 Aug 2013 7:05 PM | Anonymous
    I missed the deadline last year and it was the 1st year we didn't get to attend the Friday night party. There were problems Saturday also. So, I'm also waiting for the form to fill out and send in. Thought about looking for last years form, but the ticket prices have gone up. The alumi band has been growing and is about up to the number in the University Band! The university isn't keeping up with us. and they don't really want to, especially being in the new conference.
    So, (on a little rant, excuse me) they figure they are going to fill up the stadium with or without the Alumni band on Homecoming, so why give us consessions, right? We are going to get pushed out completely if someone doesn't go to bat for us. If I had time, I'd do it. But I don't.
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  • 04 Sep 2013 7:19 PM | Emily Bowers-Kogut
    Do you accept money orders? I don't own checks.
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    • 08 Sep 2013 12:50 AM | Sarah Bennett
      Hi Emily. Yes, money orders are accepted for payment.
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