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A Discussion of the New Dress Code Guidelines

12 May 2023 8:11 PM | Anonymous


As you know, the Alumni Band is in the process of refreshing and rebranding our image. This is for two reasons: one, a request from the WVU Alumni Association sent to all of its member organizations, and two, joining the nationwide trend of NCAA Division I School Alumni Bands towards a more professional appearance.

It is an exciting time. We have grown so much since our inception in 1969. Originally an organization created to facilitate Homecoming participation, the WVU Alumni Band, Inc is now a support affiliate of The Pride of West Virginia and an Ambassador for both the University and the State of West Virginia. For twenty years, Alumni Band Tours have traveled Europe’s major cities and country roads, spreading friendship and the mission of WVU through Music. In recent years, our Alumni Pep Bands have taken on a similar role throughout our home state, performing at a variety of sporting events, appearing on ESPN, civic events, charitable events, and memorial ceremonies. We are a family of thousands, spanning decades, all connected by our love for the WVU Bands.

We have received many good questions and requests from members for more information. First of all, THANK YOU for your interest! Your Thoughts Matter to the Executive Board. As Performance Chair, please allow me to explain what is currently happening.

1. We are starting with an image refresh for the Pep Bands. Over the last two years, many folks have expressed a wish for a new shirt that is not gold. The Spring Merchandise line features a navy Alumni Band T-shirt.  The great thing is this shirt is available to Everyone and not limited to only those who currently play or wish to play with the Pep Bands. We are pairing the shirt with khaki pants or shorts. Add your favorite tennis shoes or sandals (no flip flops, please) and you’re set to go! Khakis are MUCH cooler in the summer months and have a cleaner, more professional look. This look is very similar to what our European Tour Alumni Bands have been wearing for years. Please do not worry about the “shade of khaki.” It will all blend well. We currently have a pop up link active under the Performance Dress Code tab on our homepage. While you are there, please check out the other new items appearing in this initial launch, which will extend through midnight May 22nd.

2. The Executive Board is currently working on Homecoming details. If you look at the Performance Dress Code page, you will see it listed as TBA - To Be Announced. We have several possibilities and are working very hard with multiple parties. Our goal is to finalize details and release information in early July. We know there are a lot of rumors flying, but we truly have not made any final decisions. Please be patient - the end result will be worth it.

3. When you look at our current Pop-Up Merchandise Shop, you will see several items have been released in this first launch. Scott Mahaney has worked tirelessly to develop a new line of Alumni Band gear. Just like in the fashion world, our merchandise is appearing in several releases over time. This is simply our first sashay down the catwalk. We have some wonderful new items ahead!

4. Your questions and comments are always welcome and appreciated!  Please contact us via email at the following email addresses. We can provide a much better answer through this method than a Facebook comment will allow.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope I have provided a more detailed, clear understanding of the project. Your involvement in the WVU Alumni Band is valued and I am honored to be of service to this outstanding organization. RFL.

With deepest respect,


Ellen Woods Ramey, Ed.S.

Performance Chair

  WVU Alumni Band, Inc.
  WVU Alumni Association

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